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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. adrian: i' m adrian whitsett, live in columbia, south carolina with all of the latest action in the first in the south primary. full commitment 2016 coverage straight ahead. angela: first, breaking news at orlando international airport. a plane catches fire, sending numerous people to the hospital. the plane was inside a hangar when the flames started. good evening, i' m angela taylor.
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that services cessnas, on bear road, on the northwest side of the airport property. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is there live. matt, three people went to the hospital. matt: angela, that is right. three people were injured in this fire here. we do not know the severity of the injuries. we know they were rest to orlando medical regional center for glenn -- treatment. orlando international airport firefighters quickly knocked down flames and smoke from a burning airplane. it happened in a hangar here off bear road on the west side of orlando international, just after 2:00 p.m. as the fire was put out, first responders took three people to the hospital by ambulance. the hangar belongs to the cessna aircraft company, and it services business jets. so it is likely the plane was here for repair. faa records show the particular jet involved in the fire is owned by the bank wells fargo, and it' s registered out of salt lake city. it' s not clear how the fire started.
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authority is investigating. oia officials tell us the fire did not affect airport operations at all, but three people recovering from injuries at a fire here. matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. angela: thank you. it' s an important saturday in the race for the white house. voters in the south and the west are getting their first say in the race. while democrats are holding caucuses in nevada, republicans are voting in the south carolina primary. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett is live in columbia for commitment 2016. adrian, polls close in less than an hour. adrian: yeah, we are talking about 55 minutes before the polls close here in south carolina. they are expecting a record number of voters in this year, even more than the 600,000 who came out for the gop primary in 2012. they are seeing more absentee ballots than they did in 2008
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donald trump and ted cruz are still in the lead here, but we saw the florida campaigns really pushing to get last-minute votes. bright and early 7:00 a.m., jeb bush rolled into a greenville church for a last minute meet-and-greet, but what he portends with a trump victory is jeb bush: he can' t be president. a ton of people would be very uncomfortable with his divisive language. adrian: bush supporters like maggie maloney agree. maggie maloney: if he stands a chance of being elected, i really like what he could do for our country. adrian: but maloney also knows trump speaks to many in south carolina. maggie maloney: he' s a smart man. he just has to tone down some of that negative rhetoric of his. it' s very unappealing. adrian: with cruz, carson, and kasich doing less leg work this primary saturday, marco rubio seems to have a lot of support. michael mccullough: i think he' s got the best shot at rallying the base and doing a good job as president. adrian: and on nbc' s "today show," rubio possibly answered a lingering question about a florida primary with both he and
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m not running against him. i never got into this race to prevent him from winning. adrian: we met some ucf students who travelled to show their support for the florida senator. samantha sanders: we know south carolina picks presidents, and we just want to make sure that we were able to help in any way possible to make that change for america. adrian: we also met laura howell. laura howell: it took me a while. i was in there praying who was the right one. adrian: howell, an independent, voted for rubio because for she and her husband, a win here for anyone but cruz and trump will be great for america. laura howell: we just felt there were people in the field that really didn' t need to be in the white house. so we made the decision to vote for what we thought would be best for our country. adrian: since 1980, with the exception of 2012, the winner of the south carolina primary has gone on to get the gop convention nomination. so it' s truly a state every one of these candidates wants to win. the polls again close at 7:00, and there is a chance we could
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new hampshire for trump or cruise, or we could be in for a long night. it is just a waiting game to see if those last-minute messages really resonated with voters. angela: adrian, with super tuesday just ahead and the florida primary on march 15, what are the chances we see rubio and bush campaigning in the sunshine state? adrian: it seems that the experts think rubio will be there march 15 no matter what. he will be in the race. with bush, it is a little bit different areas they think he has to come in third. otherwise he risks splitting the establishment party votes both he and rubio are going for, was could give ted cruz or donald trump something even bigger , which the establishment does not want. it really comes down to bush coming down in third. angela: we will see what happens to. adrian, thank you. here' s a look at the results in the nevada caucuses. nbc news just projected hillary clinton as the winner. she' s ahead of bernie sanders by
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reporting. voters lined up to choose which candidate they think should be on the ballot in november. it' s been an intense race. although hillary clinton installed staff on the ground last spring, sanders' message of fighting income inequality appeared to gain support in nevada, where the unemployment rate is in double digits. we' ll have results from there and south carolina for you tonight on wesh 2 news. you can also find them inside, as well as reaction from the candidates as we get them. covering orange county, searchers are staying focused on a pond in the search for the missing newborn, known as baby willow. workers returned to this pond today, not far from where the mother gave birth. wesh 2' s matt grant is there live. matt, what is their strategy today? matt: investigators are searching everywhere. take a look behind me. clearly they want to take a closer look at this retention pond.
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clues are being searched for. orlando police are draining a retention pond searching for baby willow. it' s been five days since the child' s mother, 30-year-old susan richardson, gave birth to a baby girl then admitted ditching her. >> are you awake? matt: richardson appeared groggy as she faced a judge this week. she' s shown little interest in helping police find the infant. court records show richardson gave conflicting stories, first saying she had a miscarriage, then claiming she left the child on someone' s doorstep at the willow bend apartment complex on silver star road, where a placenta was found monday. this week police searched manhole covers, dumpsters, garbage cans. even sending in a robotic camera into underground pipes looking for any evidence. >> i just really hope they could just find her alive, you know? she deserves a chance, she deserves to live. matt: court records, and one of richardson' s friends, say she
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>> she is not a bad person. she probably has the mentality of her seven-year-old daughter. imagine a little child having a baby and not knowing what to do with it. matt: on friday, members of the orange county sheriff' s office dive team, searched the retention pond between silver star road and dardenelle drive in orlando. walking distance from the willow bend apartments where teddy bears now line the outside gates. now police have begun draining the pond. so far, search efforts have come up empty. and richardson tonight remains locked up at the orange county jail. she is charged with child neglect and desertion of a child. her bond remains at $50,000. angela: school leaders in lake county say a teacher, accused of having sex with a student, has been re-assigned. marshall jungreis went before a judge, where he was granted bond. deputies say he first talked with a 17-year-old online before he took her to his classroom at east ridge high school in clermont to have sex. a school district official says during the investigation, jungreis won' t have contact with
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there are new developments tonight in the search for a robber, who held up a local cabbie. orlando police now say they' re looking for 31-year-old devine ann lovett. they say she' s seen here, pulling a gun on the driver near washington street and obt. police tell us the suspect is dressed as a woman in both pictures, but may also dress as a man. deputies hope this surveillance video can lead them to the man who robbed an orange county 7-eleven. he' s seen here, wearing a blue cap, holding a gun to the clerk at the store on east colonial, near rouse road, back in january. investigators also want to talk to a woman, seen inside the store, before the robbery. deputies are trying to figure out if she saw something. tonight, look a law enforcement remains on alert, searching for a 15-year-old boy accused of intentionally running over an orange county deputy. sergeant marcy pearce tried to arrest jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges yesterday morning near 436 and colonial drive. but investigators say he tried to drive away.
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path and landed on the hood. she has since been released from the hospital and is recovering from a broken foot. her husband, sergeant paul smalley, tells wesh 2 they hope ortiz is caught soon. >> when she came to, she did not know where she was, she was sitting in the middle of the streets. she knows there is blood everywhere. i don' t think i could have done this i self. -- myself. angela: else. ortiz is wanted for attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. if you know where he is, call crimeline at 800-423-tips. checking first alert weather, we' re capping off a nearly perfect day across central florida. here' s a live look outside, with meteorologist eric burris in the outdoor weather center. what is in store for us tonight? eric: i think i will protest coming back inside. it is no nice outside. clear skies overhead.
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dinner outside kind of weather. 69 on the coast in melbourne, 68 at the world' s most famous beach. what a beautiful day. visible satellite, and i will show you a couple of clouds working on through town. that was it. the rest of the day was mainly clear. over tonight we' ll watch temperatures gradually fall. 62 by 9:00, 60 by 11:00, and then patchy fog develops. we would like about the morning lows and the daytona 500 and any other lands for sunday. i will tell you inside under protest in a couple of minutes. angela: i don' t blame you. breaking news in orange county , this is a live picture of a crash involving a motorcycle and a pedestrian. this is that powers a drive and vincent drive. you can see trooper' s still on the scene. one man was taken to the
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a female was seriously hurt. it is unclear if they are looking for a vehicle that may be involved. we will stay on the scene as it is a get more information and pass it along to you. there' s one day to go before the daytona 500. today, nascar up-and-comers took the wheel as they meet racing' s biggest superstars in the nascar x-finity series opener. before the race, fans got to check out the improvements made during the daytona rising project. it added an all-new front stretch with new entrances into fan zones and more than 101,000 spacious seats in the grandstands. jeffery inman: just how big the grandstands are, you walk around the outside of the track, it is very staggering to look at. catina skipper: a lot more seats , more accessible. the whole atmosphere is upgraded . the fan zone is awesome. angela: the seats are wider and they have added cupholders. for the first time in nearly a
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pat clarke will tell us about today' s xfinity series coming up in sports. as investigators look into what went wrong, causing a cargo ship to sink they heard the final , call made from the ship' s captain. how owners of the el faro describe the captain' s attitude as he announced the ship was taking on water. plus, the future of florida' s
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announcer: you are watching wesh 2. angela: hundreds filled the streets in sanford, marching for the stop of violence. it continued along through the historic gold oro town. put your guns down, hands up is the slogan. they want to get the community to stop with gun violence and speak out against one crime. they continue to seem progress -- see progress after every march event. >> awesome day. people finally woke up and noticed that gun violence is becoming an epidemic. angela: she lost her brother to gun violence shortly after he returned home from a tour in afghanistan.
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captain moments before the alfaro took on water and sink. -- el faro took on water and sank. part of captain michael davidson' s final call was played today during a u.s. coast guard investigative hearing. the ship sank october first during hurricane joaquin, killing 33 people on board. davidson called the emergency operations center that morning. he said el faro was taking on water. his call was transferred to a company safety official, who said davidson sounded calm and assured him the crew was safe. the future of florida' s iconic manatees became the focus of a discussion in the tourist district today. the u.s. fish and wildlife service held a public forum at the buena vista convention center this afternoon. as we reported last month, there' s a proposal to change the west indian manatees' status from endangered to threatened. leaders say it' s an important step as they determine whether to take manatees off the list. chuck underwood: we need to know, are we considering everything that is out there? our final decision is the best we can make at the time?
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year before a decision is made. we have meteorologist eric burris here. it is a beautiful day out there. i am not sure it can get any better than this. eric: it is great. we have some clouds on the coastline, but really and truly that ain' t a bad. let' s go down to lake eola. it is a nearly clear sky. this is saturday night that you want to go out and enjoy dinner. 71 degrees, wind out of the east at nine miles an hour. that is orlando. 73 in the villages, 60' s along the coast, a little cooler thanks to the breeze coming off of the water. the high minute to 77. average high is 75, so we are right where we should be for this time of year. no complaints on shore from friends visiting.
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few clouds coming off of the ocean. that is it. plenty of clouds into the north, but let' s change gears. let' s look at this in a different vantage point. this is a water vapor channel. think of this as an x-ray of the atmosphere. this is the bone dry air we have been enjoying. notice the trend. it is pushing further and further to the south, and we know what that means. moisture will be returning. for now and tomorrow, high pressure remains in control. here are 7:00, futurecast is quiet. a few clouds will be working overnight to the coastline, but we will remain just about clear. a few clouds are 9:00, 62 degrees, 11:00 60 degrees and a few overhead. early tomorrow morning, 6:00, 8:00, i expect to see some fog developing, but that is the only concern in the immediate forecast. the degrees in ocala.
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55 in kissimmee, 55 in davenport , 55 in altamonte springs and orlando. little cooler in the extreme west orange county. 55 daytona. if you are going to enter the race tomorrow, 56 in titusville, 59 in melbourne. there are some are clouds, 5:30 tomorrow at epcot. the big run, disney princess half marathon, and with light breeze as we are talking about her fate running weather with that area of high pressure giving the component of the wind. it is 70' s across central florida, and the daytona international raceway, speedway i should say, a perfect forecast. we will make it to 75 by 3:00. a few clouds overhead. that is all we have got in the forecast. that is until we look ahead to tuesday and wednesday. that is when the frontal
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florida, bring us showers and storms. we will talk more about that at 11:00. angela: thank you. the florida gators look to continue their push toward an ncaa berth trying to win on the road at south carolina. pat takes us there for highlights, next in sports. and more racing at the speedway this afternoon on the eve of the
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little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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pat: they called them "buschwhackers." at a time not so long ago, when the xfinity racing series was known as the busch series, and when the sprint cup was the winston cup, a lot of the guys who drove in nascar' s major league series would double-dip in the other one and mostly dominate. things are different now, and when the xfinity series opener took green this afternoon at daytona, just six sprint cup you' ll recall kyle busch broke a leg and a foot in this race last year. whether that played a role in the sprint cup attrition here could be argued. mostly a clean here' s an early caution on the backstretch that involved sage veteran bobby labonte and jeb burton. ty dillon had the pole for this in the end, it is tomorrow' s polesitter, the 20-year-old in front.
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champion joey logano comes out of this. a great start for chase elliott, who take the checkered in the x kennedy. we would hear from him tonight at 11:00. florida gators seem on a collison course with an ncaa tourney berth, which of course could be premature based on how they finish their regular season. but the gators within striking distance of sec leader kentucky as they played at south carolina this afternoon, having won the last seven games played between the two. but after losing to lowly missouri the other night, the gamecocks came out in this one inspired, racing to a huge first half lead. it was 30-13 with about eight minutes to go in the half. then a most amazing thing the game completely pivoted in the favor of the gators, who went on a 20-0 run to end the devin robinson' s three gave the gators of 53-50 halftime advantage. into overtime, when carolina
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gators with a great comeback, but unable to finish the job on this day as carolina survives, 73-69. some other college basketball scores from this afternoon, florida state loses on the road at virginia tech, and stetson loses at home to lipscomb. what should have been a terrific aac matchup between national powers miami and north carolina became an uncomfortable afternoon for the hurricanes, reduced to a simple breeze by the tar heels, who grabbed this game by the throat and never let go. brice johnson had 16 points and 15 boards. heels opened the second half on a 10-0 run and never looked back, bouncing back nicely from that loss to duke wednesday night. look at this 96-71 final. ,a tough way to end an otherwise terrific season for the bishop moore ladies this afternoon. losers in the 5-s state championship game to ribault. 60-37 the final. hornets led 15-8 after the firest quarter, but were shut
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angela: we continue to follow
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shp be house told us -- fhp has told us one person has died. we do have a crew on the scene gathering the latest information. we are not sure if there was another a vehicle involved. we will have more at 10:00 and 11:00. eric: temperatures falling into the 60' s, and a little bit of fog. beautiful for central for the racing. angela: "nbc nightly new on this saturday night, high stakes. a big night in politics. the results on a critical test for the democrats in nevada. a republican showdown in south carolina. some on this night fighting for survival. final farewell. the large outpouring and powerful tribute at the funeral of suprem court justice antonin scalia. thousands of students at public universities worried


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